Instagram Marketing Tips and Tricks

Instagram Marketing Tips and Tricks

  Ah, we know how to promote on Instagram for various businesses like e-commerce, photography, wedding, makeup, personal branding, digital product and services selling, affiliate marketing etc, don’t we? Is that Instagram marketing all about?

 Just get a great photographer, get a steady inflow of awesome pictures, and boom! People are going to follow you like you are the next Jennifer Anniston, or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (no offence to those lovely ladies!).

Sorry to burst your bubble, but no, just having awesome pictures and a couple of random hashtags is not going to make you a great Instagram marketer. 

But hey, that’s the whole point of Instagram, right? Well, yes and no.

  • Before everything gets starts to select your niche. Niche where you show your passion and can coup with the trends and updates.
  • Analyze your competitors profile for framing your outstanding Instagram marketing strategies that fill the gap which audiences have left.
  • Next comes asserts like quality and valuable content, design work and video creations which helps your audiences to stay tuned to your profile.
  • Consistency the game changer: posting on stories and feeds.
  • Get to know about the latest updates about Instagram by reading blogs so that you can scale up in a better way in the Instagram marketing game.

Taking lovely pictures and videos is only the first step of the whole process. But don’t fret, we have listed some more ideas for you to up your Instagram game:

1. Hashtags

#ILoveToTravel #BitByATravelBug #TheNextMasterChef…nope, they are not really good hashtags. Do some research on hashtags and see how many people follow them. Just search them on the search bar. And if you are a big brand, do not clutter your post with hashtags. Either add them as a comment or just lessen the number of hashtags on your post. Too many hashtags show desperation, and you don’t want your brand to look desperate, do you?

2. Live Videos

Both Facebook and Instagram have this amazing feature of Live Videos. Use them, but don’t overdo. Remember what Buddhism teaches us? “Too much of something is bad”. Find the right time and day of the week when your audience is most receptive to seeing your brand go live.

3. Instagram Stories

Instagram marketing story vs feed post
Source: Social Media Today

Just like Live Videos, Instagram Stories are a great way to highlight your updates (but only for 24 hours). Get your audience to ask you questions, do a poll, or run interactive games on Instagram stories. Make use of stories because although you may be posting almost daily, they may not make way to your audience’s feed. So the best way to catch their attention and user engagement using story post. 

4. Collaborate and Repost

If it fits your brand, collaborate with influencers of your industry. Or, if you are a business, repost your customer’s pictures or give a sneak-peek of behind the scenes. Even mundane things like packing, or dispatching can be made into interesting videos.

5. Keep it fresh

Use good looking design and content on your Instagram profile. Let your design and content be in a tone that makes people come back to your profile and eventually become a follower.

Don’t be repetitive. Social media is like a child, that needs to be nurtured. Engage with your customers, get some of your employees to talk, spread knowledge, tips and tricks – just about anything. But keep it fresh.

6. Location

Tag your location for effective reach. If your brand is based in Pune, make sure some of your posts have the location of your brand’s address.

Of course, this is not a magic potion that will turn your Instagram around and make it the next big thing. Instagram needs consistency, dedication, and a little out-of-the-box thinking. 


Just increasing followers count as a part of instagram marketing goals is it enough? Are those followers engaging with your story and feed post. Sending you messages to know in what way you could help resolve their pain points? Yes or No. This is a stage where we tend to rethink about quality of audiences that we have than quantity.

Next comes Instagram ads, Tools that are to be used for Instagram marketing and becoming Instagram influences which we will talk about in our upcoming blog post.

Have a success story about your Instagram channel? Share with us in the comments and we shall feature your idea as a post to reach more people!

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