Engage your Instagram Viewers in 5 simple ways - Instagram Stories

Engage your Instagram Viewers in 5 simple ways

Instagram stories are quite engaging, especially for lazy brats who would rather let the stories swipe by themselves rather than scroll the feed. Okay, that’s a lie – we simply love looking at people’s and brands’ stories. There are polls, funny questions, updates, and easy access to websites (through the Swipe Up feature for big brands).

Engage your Instagram Viewers in 5 simple ways - Instagram Stories

How to make Instagram stories more attractive? That’s a tough question which we are going to give some easy answers to!

There’s a lot that can be done through stories. Now that people are less inclined to search for content by scrolling down, stories are a great way to grab some eyeballs. Believe us, there are a lot of Instagram story ideas to make your audience happy!

If you think you have done it all, we tell you, there’s still a lot you can do. But what’s this – your audience is slipping away from stories, not viewing it fully? Fret not, we’re here to help.

Here are 5 easy ways to make sure your viewers are engaged to your stories.

Interactive Polls on Instagram stories

Engage audience with interactive Instagram stories poll post

Make an interactive poll on Instagram stories, with your customer’s interests in mind.
Yes, polls. Now you may simply want to have a Yay or Nay question. But many brands and pages miss out the key part – the question. The question should be such that it evokes a response from the viewer.

For example, if your business is of apparel, share two pictures of the same apparel styled differently, and ask the audience which is better. Or, if you provide educative posts, ask the opinion of what the audience is looking for next?

If you find a particular style of poll with certain type of images and layout work for you, then you can templatize your polls.

Repost story mentions on Instagram stories

Engage your Instagram Viewers mention Instagram stories
Engage your Instagram Viewers mention on Instagram stories

People love to connect with brands, and brands love people who are vocal about them. If you see Instagram stories where you have been mentioned, get in touch with that person, take their permission, and repost their story on your page.

Keep in mind, that person’s account should be public for you to share it as a story on your page. Adding a few words of your own with some ‘Thank you’ GIF will also work wonders, and make the user feel happy!

Story Screenshot + Giveaways

Lots of brands do it. If your marketing budget allows it, you can share a story, and ask people to screenshot the story, repost it on their page, and stand a chance to win. Simple, easy, and yes, lots of new follows!

If you are an emerging brand, this would definitely help your Instagram page to get more views and follows. But do flesh out clear Terms and Conditions before you create an interactive story-based contest or giveaway.

Make a 15 minute video with different videos, Location based post, #hash tag based story post

Put on your creativity cap and get into the editing mode. If your brand has had some awesome videos previously, edit some shots of those videos in a stylishly edited newer video, with some theme. You can make it like a throwback video, or a behind the scenes video, or a sneak peek of some upcoming product, service, or session.

If you’re into the engaging audience from a particular location on Instagram stories, for example, Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore and Chennai you can use the location option which would stay longer. Usually, this option is most used by retails brands, Shops, educational institutions and so on.

Engage your Instagram Viewers with hashtag on Instagram stories
Engage your Instagram Viewers Instagram stories

Next, an interesting option is the usage of #hastag on Instagram stories. This would help people to reach your story post to view it. A way to gain new followers and engage them organically with the help of hashtags.

Monitor the number of stories

Posting too many stories would make your audience unresponsive to any new stories you add. To avoid this, make sure you do not post a lot of stories at the same time, and also do not clutter your stories with too much text!
If you have a lot to say, make it a post and share the link to your post as Instagram stories, with some catchy content so that people know what to expect.

In such fast-paced times, stories make it easier for the viewers to consume shorter, crisper, and to-the-point content. If strategized correctly, stories can help you enhance your brand presence to a great extent.

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