Should Tamil Marketers and business owners care about ClubHouse? The new trending Audio Based Social Media Marketing Platform of 2021

Our Community Profile on Clubhouse

Have you heard people around you and on social media platforms talk about Clubhouse App? Are you wondering why people are talking about this social platform and what it could mean for you? 

In a very short period ClubHouse has become so much popular that many brands are starting to use the platform to share their thoughts and journey. 

It’s not too often that a new social media platform launches, but when it does, early adopters can benefit from it due to the higher organic reach given by platform algorithms in general. 

The audio-based social network platform had over nine million monthly downloads in a month.  

More Organic reach would help in increasing usage of the platform.

Clubhouse, an invitation-only audio-chat launched on the iPhone app store during the year 2020 that it is not yet too saturated. And considering that people need a personal invite to join if you can get one, now is the time to start an account and start using the app. Later in May 2021, Clubhouse was launched in the Google Play Store for Android. Particularly in India within a month the app became viral. Might be due to lockdown or time to virtually network for a purpose to achieve goals. 

Networking Room – Clubhouse from Women Entrepreneur India team

Let’s look at the ways people are utilizing Clubhouse to amplify their message, network, create brand awareness, and increase reach by getting a target audience as followers to their other social media platform.

Clubhouse has

  • Invites 
  • Rooms – Open room( anyone can join ), social room ( People I follow ), and closed room ( room with people I choose ) 
  • Clubs
  • Your profile – profile picture bio, connecting to Twitter and Instagram
  • Internal search Search 
  • Rooms – scheduled time on a calendar 
  • Notifications
  • Settings 
  • Outside tool: Clubhouse has an analytics tool that helps to know about your audience and how people react to your clubhouse activities in terms of data and numbers.
Our Clubhouse Club

Right from traditional people and business to modern people and business are into the clubhouse

Clubhouse hosts a wide variety of clubs and virtual rooms with conversations on almost any topic you’d be interested in – making it easy to find your niche and join in on the conversation. No need to create written content or create posters and videos to market things. You can even host rooms and create your clubs. You can host rooms with or without speakers or influencers. One who creates a club or room becomes the moderator.

“Connect with moderators and club founders you like and who align with your mission or can support your mission and business. Over time they will bring you up on stage in their rooms when they host either a scheduled room or instantaneous room,”. 

Here are some big names who have made ClubHouse their go-to place to reach out to their potential customers and benefited:

A room discussion on Job opportunities and digital marketers story on Clubhouse

Agripreneur, Chai Kanth – Chief Tea officer, 

Founder of amazingauto – Anna Durai, 

CEO of Mayavaram Pragathi Oils, Guerrilla Marketing Expert | 

Chief Surprise Ninja of, 

MD of Balaji Health Care, 

Founder of Digital marketing agency Mint your own business from Coimbatore, 

Letsgosocial – Social Media Marketing Company 

CEO of A Toddler Thing from Coimbatore, 

CEO of SomeMoreFoods,

CEO of Social Zog from Coimbatore, 

Naturals CEO, 

Founder of Icemedia & Laraanddaughters Chennai, 

Chief Executive Officer at Ran India Steels from Erode,  

Blogger of brands like Kitchenkathukutty, 

Founder of Cloverthoughts, Founder of bliss natural pads from Coimbatore, 

Founder of Ulavar Anand from Namakkal,

Founder of Newgenmax,  

Radio jockey RJ Anathi, Rj Dheenadayalan 

Artiste Chinmayi, 

Movie director Madhumita

Other than the above examples, there are many entrepreneurs, companies, brands, influencers, coaches creators, and actors, brand strategists, digital marketers, Doctors, Yourstory Tamil, photographers, Network communities like Salem business community, women entrepreneurs India, mompreneurs, many startup owners, investors, and many more based out of Tamil Nadu jumped on the buzzy new app last week, opening the possibility of another digital channel for brands.

Why should you consider clubhouse as a social media marketing platform?

How to use Clubhouse for a purpose? 

  • Digital Marketing
  • Business
  • Networking 
  • Podcast 
  • Real-Time Discussion platform
  • Live radio – Showcasing RJ skills, Public speaking skills, and so on
  • Mutual Learning  
  • Earn – Part for marketing funnel. Get leads, Brands sponsoring your room, Direct Selling, Business connect.
  • Mentorship
  • Ease of communication in regional language 
  • The good news is many have got a better job in the covid time when ClubHouse was more crowded.

When does ClubHouse not work for you as a social media marketing platform?

  • Time management issue
  • Security Concerns 
  • When you feel it is making you addictive
  • An unhealthy or abusive discussion that makes it difficult to participate.
  • Too much of business or service pitch whom to trust and take things to next level


ClubHouse is still a fairly new platform as android users got invite and access from May 2021. Yet, the impact is huge. Facebook – Audio room, Spotify – Greenroom, and Twitter – spaces are some tech platforms that adopted audio discussion room similar to ClubHouse as an addon in the existing platform. For now, there’s a lot of knowledge to be gleaned from the app if you find the right rooms and connect with the right people.

Check out the TNDM ClubHouse profile and follow us for interesting conversations on Digital Marketing and many more! Our ClubHouse club

Author: Monisha Periasamy

Co-Author and Editor: Anuradha Ravi

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