We are a community of professionals, students, Entrepreneurs and freelancers who are passionate about Digital Marketing from Tamil origin across the globe. We also mentor and guide digital marketers in their career path. To connect, engage, discuss about digital marketing tips and tricks, digital marketing latest news and we also help grow your business with digital marketing strategies.

This community is the brainchild of Monisha Periasamy, who is from Salem, Tamil Nadu. She likes to take initiatives by converting obstacles to opportunities, with constant learning, implementing mind set. She has constantly striven to learn about Digital Marketing and make it accessible to those who want to expand their knowledge and business. She has been the driving force behind getting the right kind of people so that this community continues to remain valuable and relevant for those who join since Jan 2019.

She had been into SEO from the time she started her career in digital marketing. WordPress website management, Social Media Marketing, Organic competitor analysis, Client handling, Digital marketing consultation and strategies, and a lot more. She is also the driving force behind Madam Digital Marketing an initiative to empower women by connecting with women digital marketers, women bloggers, women YouTubers and women entrepreneurs.

Apart from her passion for Digital Marketing, Monisha is also passionate about travelling, vegetable carving, travelling playing badminton, networking, and of course, listening to the timeless tunes by AR Rahman. You can connect to the community through community social handles. Reach out to the founder through LinkedIn Monisha’s LinkedIn.

She met Anuradha on the Linkedin platform. They discussed the community and thereby they found some of their shared interest towards digital marketing, and to grow the community. She offered a helping hand to achieve the idea of a collaborative community. She is a fellow digital marketer from Bengaluru and is experienced in Social Media, Facebook Ads, email marketing, and digital marketing strategies.

Beyond digital marketing, she loves dogs, cats, and has also just started home gardening. Writing is her passion, and she has had a blog previously where she has shared her poems, prose, and short stories. Connect with her on Linkedin here Anuradha’s LinkedIn.

Our community also has many professionals who have a plethora of experience in Digital Marketing and would be happy to help you out with your queries in Social Media, Email Marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and others.

Contact Us to join the community, contribute, collaborate, grow your business with digital marketing consultation and be a guest speaker for our community.