Guest Blogging

Rules for Guest Blogging on TNDM Community:

Want to be a Guest Blogger? Welcome on board!


Before we go forward, here’s some simple set of rules we’ve come up for Guest Bloggers. Don’t worry, it’s just to ensure that our community stays relevant, and shares the right kind of information.

1. Blog posts that are not related to digital marketing will not be published here. (Duh, obviously!)

2. Very lengthy posts, (so much that we lose track of time!), will not be accepted. Try limiting your posts to 1000 words at most.

3. Do you hate copyright issues? We do too! So keep your posts original, plagiarism-free, and insightful. The images in your post should be either clicked by you or should be used from free stock images.

4. While we do not want to restrict your writing style, it must be engaging enough for our audience. Remember your college time projects? Yeah, no one reads them – and we do not want something like that on our website either!

5. We reserve the right to make minor changes to your content. But don’t worry. It’ll be just grammar or minor edits to make your post be in sync with our previous posts.

6. Wherever you share the post, please do mention our website as well. It’s a win-win situation. The more you get us great backlinks and visitors, the more we are happy to have a regular guest post on our community website.

But please keep in mind, we do not want spammy backlinks (Yikes!).

7. Please make sure you provide the right keywords, meta tags, title tags, blog title, image alt tag with keywords – and ensure that the density of keywords is 2 to 5% of the content.

8. Finally, submit your blog post in a Word Document to
If you share it after 8 PM (IST), your post will be posted the next evening. Indian Standard Time here is NOT Indian Stretchable Time.

So, there you have it. Don’t let the rules make you think twice in sharing your knowledge about digital marketing. We are a fun community and love to expand our understanding of the awesome world of Digital Marketing.

Start blogging and sharing!