What is the scope of digital marketing in India year 2020?

 Since the boom of the internet, more customers started using the internet, which gave birth to a new era of marketing called initially Internet marketing, which is now called Digital Marketing. Digital marketing or internet marketing or online marketing is the process of using the internet to capture customers to deliver value at a targeted price. These days the usage of the internet is increasing across age groups, and audience types According to internet world stats internet users distribution in the word is as follows.


India now has 451 million monthly internet users, second only to China, revealed the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) in a new report. Titled India Internet 2019, the story has been brought out jointly by IAMAI and Nielsen.

Among which Tamil Nadu has one highest broadband connection and mobile data connection.

Usage of Mobile devices

Most of the users globally today use mobile phones for communication. As per a report 4.77 billion mobiles phone users globally, which will increase to 5.07 billion by 2019. Today’s majority of mobile phones are smartphones with internet access, which allows customers to connect with businesses anytime & anywhere.


Indian Digital Footprints 

India being a developing nation, with more digital activities like Digital India, Make in India, Start up India and so on. Growing usage of the digital platform along with social media marketing is utmost important that every business has digital footprints with digital marketing to enhance business. 

Over the past few years, the wave of digital marketing has become stronger than ever. Digital marketing is not only growing at the pacing rate, but it is also set a benchmark to become the future of marketing in the coming years. India being a price and quality focused market, it is essential to optimize the business to reduce the cost and provide products such that people from different economic level can purchase the product. As a result, eCommerce is booming up in India. Most of the government process, like applying for new smart card and so on are digitalised.


Can I use digital marketing for my own business?

 Yes, you can use digital marketing for branding, engaging audiences, nurturing leads to promoting and closing sales. You can hire a digital marketer or Learn digital marketing to implement it for your business. 

Why is digital marketing vital for business? 

  1. Stay updated with your competitor
  2. Spend less get more ROI
  3. Take your business beyond your geographical limits
  4. Easy targeting
  5. It helps in Measuring and tracking marketing performance 
  6. Re-marketing
  7. Automation
  8. Digital marketing enables real-time customer service
  9. Digital Marketing enables a direct communication pathway between your business and your consumer, allowing you to build your audience of loyal fans.
  10. Digital marketing enables multi-device contact with consumers based on the consumers choice of device, time, place and need. 


Digital marketing as a career path

Digital Marketing is an excellent career path to choose which helps the business to achieve marketing and sales results via digital platforms where their audiences are present.

People who choose digital marketing as a career stream must know the fundamentals of marketing and human psychology. It will help them to use digital marketing platform to achieve marketing goals effectively. Companies in India can take their products to local, national and international markets and people with the help of  digital marketing.

Junior & Mid Level Career Options

  • Digital marketing intern
  • Digital marketing executive
  • SEO Executive
  • Link Building specialist
  • Social media specialist
  • Google Ads specialist
  • Email marketing specialist
  • Web Analyst
  • Online reputation executive
  • Content marketing executive

Higher Level Digital Marketing Job Titles

  • Digital marketing strategist
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Social media manager
  • Digital Marketing Head
  • Paid Advertising manager
  • Digital Branding Head
  • Sr.SEO Executive
  • Sr.Digital Marketing Executive
  • SEO team lead
  • PPC Team Lead
  • CDO- Chief Digital Officer
  •  Digital marketing freelancer
  • Start your agency once you have sufficient experience

It’s high time, 2020 yr is nearing. Have you taken your digital step? You need a laptop or desktop to take the first step. Start your career in digital marketing with our self-learning tips in the next blogs. If your an entrepreneur start using digital marketing strategies into your marketing plan.

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