Digital Marketing Self learning tips

How can I start learning about Digital Marketing?

The million-dollar question for those who are about to embark on their journey of learning digital marketing. I would like to answer this basic question and through this blog. Read the entire blog to get better clarity about how to learn digital marketing by yourself with some simple tools.

Self learn digital marketing
Digital marketing self learning tips

They say, “The path of brightness is the quest for knowledge.” 

If you are willing to be a self-learner, congratulations! You have taken the first step. There are two ways to learn about Digital Marketing :

1) Self-learning by having a mentor – through tutorials on YouTube, Udemy, etc.

2) From popular Digital Marketing Institutes 

Before you get ready to start learning the different facets of digital marketing here’s a quick look at what makes this process a tad bit easier:

  • Marketing knowledge
  • Human psychology to achieve sales
  • Some amount of content writing ?, content marketing and copy-writing skills.

What are the different types of online marketing? 

The following mind map prepared by me will be easy to understand. 

Self-learning tips 

There are loads of materials on google to learn digital marketing like blogs, eBooks, video courses, podcasts, YouTube and free certifications. You can start with learning the basics from Search engine land, Aherf, Search engine journal, Social media blogs like Social media today, Social media examiner, Social media week, Hubspot blogs for Inbound marketing, email marketing and marketing automation, copybloggers, CMI for content marketing and copy-writing and so on. 

If that’s too overwhelming for you, don’t worry! You can go one step at a time by learning with the help of online certifications from Google, Hubspot, Facebook, coursera, Semrush and so on. We have listed some of them for you right here:

Many ask me, are certifications still valid? 

Certifications provide the much-needed knowledge to start practically working on digital marketing. It is your entry pass to interviews and shows the interviewers that you know digital marketing. All the theoretical knowledge needed for practical work can be obtained from these certifications.  

Learning from Youtube

You can learn the steps to different platforms of Digital Marketing by watching videos on YouTube. This medium is an ocean of knowledge about the latest trends, best practices, tips to implement good marketing strategies and practice digital marketing step by step. You can embark on setting up your website/blog then start working on promoting it using digital marketing with YouTube.  

For you to kickstart digital marketing journey, we have listed some of the popular blogs that you can follow:

How to practice all that you have learned?

Once you have learned digital marketing, the next step is to use it to get the required results and achieve business goals. 

These days having just the knowledge, but not able to apply it is the greatest challenge in this theatre of operations. While attending interviews, you need to show some practical applications of digital marketing strategies.

But how exactly can you get hands-on in Digital Marketing? Read on for some suggestions:

  • You can initiate it by choosing a niche that you are comfortable in over the long term. 
  • Choose your market based on your goals
  • Research and choose your audience list
  • Create your own website/blog/ apps/ e-commerce website with platforms like, Wix, Blogspot etc that becomes your product/services that are marketed
  • Once the product/services are ready, start applying digital marketing to promote them
  • Optimize the product/services for search engine 
  • Create consistent social media presence on popular channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., as is suitable for your business/service.
  • Different businesses/services require different budgeting structures etc. 
  • Collect leads via digital marketing, promotion and implement email marketing once you acquire a sizeable number of subscriptions/leads
  • While you plan your paid advertising, make sure you also constantly monitor your online reputation for ensuring what your audiences talking about your brand in a positive way
  • Use analytics to measure the performance of online marketing activities

To sum up, there are a lot of learning materials on the internet to start learning digital marketing. So go on, take your first step in digital marketing with confidence! 

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Author: Monisha Periasamy

Co-Author: Anuradha Ravi

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