Choosing the right Social Media for your brand

‘You’ve got a brand? Great! Now all you have to do is promote it on Social Media, and you’re all set to take the online world by storm!’.

You’ve heard it often, haven’t you? Everywhere you look, you’ll find yourself bombarded by ideas on the best ways to promote on social media – hashtags, filters, location, live videos and just about everything.

So, you have religiously followed them, but can’t see the results? We’ll tell you why. Often, people overlook the one main thing that’s going to make your marketing work – your audience. Yes, it is that simple, and yet it is surprising to see so many brands or businesses furtively attempting to capture the audience just because they have been promoting in the wrong medium, to begin with.

Let’s take a step further and understand why.

Suppose your business is about water purification tools, and you wish to get more awareness about your business to the younger generation as well. Which channels would you opt for?

In such a case, Instagram (organic), Facebook(organic), Pinterest (organic), may make you feel like you are reaching out to a wider potential audience. But in reality, all you are doing is creating fatigue in the minds of the viewers.

Similarly, if your business is apparels, you cannot expect good results from niche websites like Quora or LinkedIn.

So, before you go all out in your promotion on Social Media, take a step back to analyze what is the objective of your business, and what are your expectations.

Here is a generic idea of which media would work best for what kind of businesses:
Apparel, Food, Jewellery, Fashion, Cosmetics, Travel, Home Decor – Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Content-based, news – Twitter, maybe a little bit of tweaking is necessary for Instagram and Facebook.

Industry-specific niche businesses – Quora, LinkedIn, Twitter.

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Anuradha Ravi

Digital Marketing Executive with 2+ years of experience in Content Writing for Social Media and Facebook Adverts. Also loves cats!


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